Payment Options for Brevet Custom Watches

At Brevet Custom Watches, we attempt to accommodate our client by providing a variety of payment options.  These options are as follows:

1.  Wire Transfer.  This is the preferred method of payment.  We will discount the item slightly for payment via wire transfer.

2.  Credit cards / debit cards.  We accept all major credit cards.  You can contact us directly and we can process the credit card over the phone.  As a general rule, we allow credit card transactions for items up to $2,000.00 when the transaction is not conducted at our facility.  Items that are sold for more than $2,000.00 will require payment via check, money order, wire transfer, or "in person" cash.  Receipts will be provided for all cash transactions and the pricing will need to be agreed upon prior to the arranged appointment. Cash transactions for out-of-town clients may be conducted at the Denver International Airport. In this scenario, the client would fly into DIA. We will meet the client at a restaurant inside the airport but outside of the secured area that is designated for passengers only. We will bring the item and necessary tools for inspection of the item. We will then conduct the transaction with the client upon inspection and approval by the client.

3.  Paypal.  For ebay sales, we accept paypal.   In certain instances, we may also accept payments via paypal for lower priced items on our website.  We typically will only accept paypal on items valued at under $500.


Contact us at 720.722.1177 to request wire transfer information or to pay over the phone by credit card.